Welcome to the Westernpedia WikiEdit

Howdy cowpokes! This is a wiki for the Western genre. At the moment the numbers are few and the pages are fewer, so if you've rustled up information on anything Western and you want to post it, don't be shy. So welcome and make yourself at home! We'd love to include you in our small group!

Progress will be slow for a while, but pretty soon it will start to take on some speed.

What we're here forEdit

The primary goal of this wiki is to make a hub of information on the western genre. People are welcome to add to it as they please. However, we are trying to create an accurate, reliable source for information on individuals and events, so we request that you do not simply cut and paste from another web site (including rewriting what you've read somewhere else). Please cite your sources, also!

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    Comment: I loved to listen to Lloyd Perryman before I knew who he was.  He was that very distinctive, clear and beautiful voice in the Sons of the Pioneers...