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Lloyd Wilson Perryman (January 29, 1917 - May 31, 1977) was one of the most, if not the most, foundational, intsrumental, and vital members of the Sons of the Pioneers. 

Brought in to replace vocalist Len Slye (Roy Rogers) after he left the Sons of the Pioneers, Lloyd was the originator of the close stacked harmonies that made the Sons of the Pioneers a hit across the world. His gorgeous tenor voice and broad vocal range (Lloyd could sing anything from bass to high tenor), added a distinct sound to the arrangements of the Pioneers until his death in 1977. Without Lloyd, it is safe to say that the Pioneers would not have been what they were.

By the age of eleven, Lloyd was considering a career in music. He was already gifted with a lovely voice, and enjoyed performing in front of people. As a young man in his 'teens, Lloyd was a member of many groups. At the age of 19 he joined the Sons of the Pioneers and from there on out he never looked back. He was with the group for 41 years (until his death in 1977).

No one can really understand just what Lloyd was to the Sons of the Pioneers. In so many ways, Lloyd was what made them tick.

Lead Me Gently Home, Father --Lloyd Perryman Tribute --Lloyd Perryman and the Sons of the Pioneers02:46

Lead Me Gently Home, Father --Lloyd Perryman Tribute --Lloyd Perryman and the Sons of the Pioneers

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